Automotive Services

Our automotive locksmith technicians are ready to help! Each of our automotive locksmith technicians are prepared with a kit of tools, specialized for servicing your vehicle, to avoid causing physical damage to your car. We can get your car door, lock or trunk unlocked if you’ve locked yourself out, or it just won’t open. We can replace faulty car ignitions, or even replace locks and transponders!


Residential Services

Here at Bostonian Locksmith, we offer a wide variety of services to suit your residential lock and key needs. Our trained technicians are ready to get you into your locked home. Lost your keys? No problem, we can re-key your locks today, replacing your locks and you’ll have a brand new set of keys! We can also install new locks around your house, or even on the gates, leading to your house!


Commercial Services

Don’t leave your office or business unprotected! Call Bostonian Locksmith and we’ll be there to help! We can install top of the line security systems in and around your business. Your business will never have to worry about intruders again, here at Bostonian Locksmith, your safety is our priority.


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About Us

Bostonian Locksmiths is one the most trusted and appreciated locksmith providers in the Boston area! With area coverage extending throughout every city surrounding Boston, we provide a network of dependable locksmith service that you can count on.

Staffed by the most highly trained professionals around, our competitive prices and state of the art tools make Bostonian Locksmiths the ultimate response team to your locksmith needs and emergencies.

Our professional locksmith team operates 24/7 for your convenience and offers a fast response time. If you are looking for a locksmith in the Boston area, choosing us is making the absolutely right decision. Call us for the highest level of professionalism and competitive prices. Bostonian Locksmiths can handle any service request in the area from a simple rekey to a high-security lockout and much more.

Please visit our Services page for more detailed information on the many services we provide and many satisfied customers we have served.

Call Bostonian Locksmiths for a free quote, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and become one of our many satisfied customers.