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Here at Bostonian Locksmith, we offer a wide variety of services to suit your residential lock and key needs. Our trained technicians are ready to get you into your locked home. Lost your keys? No problem, we can re-key your locks today, replacing your locks and you’ll have a brand new set of keys! We can also install new locks around your house, or even on the gates, leading to your house!

Trained technicians are ready to service your home around the clock, they’ve all been in the trade for 5+ years. So whether you need your door’s locks replaced, gate’s locks replaced, or safe’s locks replaced inside your home, we’ll be there to help. Here at Bostonian Locksmith, your home is just as important as ours. Help us to help you, call today!


Our automotive locksmith technicians are ready to help! Each of our automotive locksmith technicians are prepared with a kit of tools, specialized for servicing your vehicle, to avoid causing physical damage to your car. We can get your car door, lockor trunk unlocked if you’ve locked yourself out, or it just won’t open. We can replace faulty car ignitions, or even replace locks and transponders!

Our automotive locksmith technicians are constantly being updated with new models of cars and locks as they’re being released. They’re trained to work with nearly every model and make of car on the market and safely replace, or unlock your car’s locks without causing damage to the car. Our automotive technicians are available around the clock and are ready to respond urgently to any of your calls.



Don’t leave your office or business unprotected! Call Bostonian Locksmith and we’ll be there to help! We can install top of the line security systems in and around your business. Your business will never have to worry about intruders again, here at Bostonian Locksmith, your safety is our priority.

Don’t make this decision alone, ask anyone about our services and they’ll tell you, we’re the best. Our technicians are constantly being updated with the ever-changing lock technology, as it evolves and modernizes to the future’s standards. With that being said, our technicians will always be ready to install the best available, top of the line locks and security systems in your business.





Are you in need of emergency assistance? If you find yourself on a tight schedule, running late for work or an event, our emergency locksmemergencyith services are for you! Call today, we have technicians ready to be dispatched for your emergency services around the clock and can arrive at your location in as little as fifteen minutes! Whether you locked yourself out of your house or automobile, if you need a lock changed urgently; we’ll be there for you!

Emergency services are available for all of our services we offer. All of our technicians are trained to work with a sense of professional urgency. So you’ll get the job done properly and fast! If you require our emergency assistance, stop wasting time and call now!



Call For 24 Hour Locksmith Service: (617) 431-2563

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